Fiona redHi, I am Fiona Jones the CEO and founder of The Millionaire School. I am also the  creator and best-selling author of The Millionaire Book series.

I have had the privilege in the past few years of interviewing more than 100 highly successful Australian’s while authoring the books.

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I have used what I have learnt from the teachers and mentors I have interviewed to build and live the life of my dreams in the Gold Coast Hinterland where we get to go the beach and ride horses and jet ski- sometimes all in the same day!

I also get to work from home in my PJs, which I love.


What my mission is now is to teach you the stuff that you didn't learn at school that you will wish you had. I want you to be rich- and by that I mean more than money and toys. I mean a rich life full of health and  happiness, doing what you love in work and play and exploring your spiritual side ( your inner stuff!)

The strategies I will share at the Millionaire school via the various teachers, educators and mentors will show you how you can become rich in all areas of your life. In fact the way I learnt what I have is through attending seminars and buying educational products which I want to bring to you in the comfort of your own home via this website.

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On this page you can learn to develop a millionaire mindset and skyrocket the success of your strategies.

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