Shares 101

Secrets of  Millionaire Share Traders

Shares have made a big difference to my family, but just not in the way you think of traditional shares. Most people hear shares and think of blue chip, managed funds and love to tell me it’s risky. I always say to them - not when you know how, I have insurance on my shares…

My husband and I have done something other than just buy and hope. We have learnt from an experienced financial trader who has taught us to make money whether the markets go up, down or sideways.


In fact when I sold my first bricks and mortar business I used this money to buy shares and rent them out for monthly cashflow. I only had to invest 20-30 mins of my time a month and I had replaced my income. So with the spare time I spent my days at yoga, researching property and attending seminars to learn other strategies, which by the way is how I learnt to write a book!

My teenage son follows the same share strategies, and his plan is to be a millionaire at age 21 by accumulating and reinvesting from his monthly share income from the US market.

I really enjoy chatting with my son and hubby about what returns they are getting that month and why they chose the trades they did. Kind of like real life Monopoly!

I look forward to sharing my mentors in these strategies with you.

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