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rem-profile-adam-joskeIf you trade real estate for a living, or you’re ready to get your first home then you need to know real estate legend Adam Joske.

In the last 17 years he has sold OVER 1,000 properties.

In just the past 12 months alone Adam has sold an incredible 100 properties worth over $80 million!

He’s such a shrewd negotiator he was once hired by a buyer to help negotiate a $6.5 million purchase!

Which is why we asked Adam, along with 15 other Australian Real Estate professionals including Australian Apprentice rem-profile-andrew-morello2Winner Andrew Morello to give you their advice on negotiation, boosting your selling price and finding hot deals.

Just imagine entering your next real estate transaction armed with their incredible experience.

That’s exactly what you’re going to get in Real Estate Millionaire.


 The best time to buy and sell a property or business

 How to squeeze the last dollar out of the market when you’re selling

 Tips on making your property stand out from the crowd

 The secret to finding a real estate agent who’ll get you a higher price

 Negotiation tips

 And much, much more

Plus you’ll receive an incredible $34,000 worth of gifts from our specialists. All designed to make your next transaction even more profitable.

If you’re buying and selling real estate for a living, or you’re ready to get your first home then this is the most profitable book you’ll ever read.