Ms Millionaire Book – Out Now!





Discover the secrets of how 16 amazing Aussie gals went from MEGA broke to MEGA millionairess.

Get inside their minds to learn their techniques for success, and what drives them to be in the top money earners in the country. Their stories are absolutely inspirational.

Picture this. You’re divorced, $100,000 in debt and you’re raising 2 small children on $288 a week.

Do you crawl back into a hole, resigned to leading this life forever…or do you take massive action and turn your life around.

sandyFast forward 6 years and Sandy Forster was at a gala ceremony in Times Square, New York accepting an award for International Mentor Of The Year.

You’ll also discover how Kylie Bartlett went from being overweight, uneducated and living in a 1 bedroom flat with no electricity or furniture to become a multi-millionaire.

And if that’s not enough to inspire you to buy now

Watch the video below from Chanel 9 Today Show where you will hear from two of the other amazing women in this book - one of whom had $15 in her wallet and became a millionaire in 10 years


If there’s one thing in common between all these hugely successful women, and the others that make up the 16 authors in Ms Millionaire is that they all sought out mentors. And relied on them heavily.

And in Ms Millionaire it’s their turn to mentor you!

“What if creating millions was easier than you think? What if you never had to work again? In this book you will discover the success secrets of 16 ordinary Aussie gals who all started with NOTHING and became millionaires!“

In this book you will discover:

• How to achieve financial freedom fast

• How to turn your passion to profit

• How to create the ultimate lifestyle business and have it all!

• How to live the life of your dreams

• How a millionaire mindset is everything and how to achieve it

• How to use what you already have to make millions

• How to attract abundance in YOUR life