Did you know , no matter who you are … or where you come, you can still have an incredible and wealthy life?

mrm-profile-peter-spencerTake Peter Spencer for example.

He was born into virtual poverty on an English council estate.His family struggled so badly that he and his brothers and sisters wore patched hand-me-downs and frequently went without shoes. 

But Peter never gave up. His desire for a better life led him to Australia where he became one of Australia’s biggest property investors and a highly sought after consultant.

Fact is, if Peter can do it, anyone can do it.


mrm-profile-john-gearonTake John Gearon for example. At the age of 21 John was 124kg and drinking heavily. But he turned his life around and has now completed almost 300 triathlons, 23 marathons and 14 ironmans.

Not only that he is a wealthy author and entrepreneur in human and business performance.


Fact is, we’ve all had setbacks. And this book is all about how anyone can achieve wealth and success no matter who they are or where they come from.

Because this isn’t theory. None of it comes from a stuffy university text book.

It’s all real life advice from people who overcame incredible obstacles to achieve phenomenal wealth and success.

In Mr Millionaire you’ll discover:

 The 3 fastest ways to build wealth – as revealed by 3 high school dropouts and 2 former labourers who are now multi-millionaires leading incredible lives.

 The multi-million dollar mindset that drive entrepreneurs and investors. You MUST adopt this mindset before you’ll make your first million

 What multi-millionaires tell their children behind closed doors

 Why your background is irrelevant to creating wealth. You’ll hear from multi-millionaires who came from council flats, struggling farms and caravan parks. Your humble beginnings might actually be your secret weapon

 Negotiation secrets of a deal-making pro which virtually guarantee you’ll be a winner on almost every deal

 The single question a multi-millionaire asks himself over and over again to guarantee more and more money comes his way

 5 breakthrough secrets that turned a high school dropout into a multi-millionaire entrepreneur

 Perhaps the greatest ever blueprint on creating a business empire ever revealed. These 17 steps created a worldwide sensation, and you get the exact strategy to copy, and

 What our multi-millionaires would do differently if they had their time again. Take their advice and make your first million in half the time.

It's true...

Plus you’ll receive $2,500 in gifts from the authors. Gifts to get you on the path to the lucrative life you always dreamed of.

If you have that driving passion for wealth and success then this book could be the start of your journey. It could also be your biggest shortcut.