The Secret to Real Abundance

gratitude heartIf I was asked the single most thing I have learnt about success from interviewing over 100 successful entrepreneurs for my Millionaire book series I would have to say it is Gratitude.I know that may sound strange and to be honest, until fairly recently I used to think- that's Ok for them- they have success, that's why they are grateful.

But what I truly know now with all of my heart is that until you are grateful, and I mean so much so that you feel it in your heart, not just say or write the words I am grateful, you wont experience anything more to be grateful for.One of the most important daily rituals of successful people is to write a list of at least 10 things they are grateful for each and everyday. When you feel the gratitude you put yourself on a higher energy level and you stop experiencing 'bad' things happening to you. Instead you start to experience more 'good' things.

It is easy to practice gratitude when things are going well- but the most important time to practice is when things are not going so well. Even if you have to start with very simple things like being grateful for running water and electricity, your eyesight, your bed you just slept in. The things we take for granted most are some of the things many many people in this world will never experience- in fact to the majority of people in the world. If you are  living in a country like Australia or America you are amongst the wealthiest in the world.

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