Feather. Brick. Truck


featherPeople usually make change in their life in one of two ways: either the Universe knocks them on the head with a very painful experience or they change through conscious awareness.

I think the Universe sends us messages, and the message initially comes as a ‘feather’; this is a gentle incident, event or reminder where you realise or know you must do something, but you don’t.

If you don’t pay any attention to the feather a brick comes along; a brick is usually uncomfortable; the brick is a not so subtle reminder of the lesson the feather was there to teach us; unfortunately most people don’t pay attention to the brick either.

If you ignore the brick as well, the Universe sends a truck along and it’s usually very uncomfortable; your business might go broke, your  relationship might end or you might have a serious health challenge

because you have neglected the earlier warning signs; a truck will usually result in people at least looking for something different, but some people still don’t ‘change’ and they just repeat the same patterns – just now doing something different.

The other way you can change is through conscious awareness – through deciding there must be a better way; and then you throw yourself into personal growth; you get great mentors, read books and listen to CDs and over a process of time, absorption and application, you transform.

Personal growth is entirely a part of my family’s life: I still go to other people’s seminars and pay for mentoring and coaching; the daily habits of our lives include incantations and affirmations; I do this every day and it becomes automatic; it’s part of me; so I am constantly growing, changing and adapting.

Rather than go through the painful process of getting hit by a truck (or even a brick), I invite you to consciously decide now, that if you want something and you don’t yet have it or you know you should do something to change – but haven’t – find someone who can help coach or mentor you to get what you yearn for, what you know to be true at your core.

Now that might be me or it might be someone else; it’s not going to make a massive difference to my life whether or not you choose me as your mentor, but imagine the huge difference it will make to you when you have a mentor in your life.

Scott Harris

-Millionaire Mentors book


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