Mindset 101

My top 10 daily rituals to success

Without a millionaire mindset it doesn't matter what business or vehicle you choose to create wealth. If you don't have the beliefs and your success thermostat set correctly it will be a long hard road.

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Success means many different things to people. It’s not just about financial success; to me it is about having choices, great relationships with family and friends and enjoying what you do on a daily basis.

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Success is not a destination at which you suddenly say I am successful now, it’s an ongoing journey to discover your world and do the things that you want to achieve, whether that is to become a mother, a dancer, or a business tycoon. Once you reach a goal you should then be reaching for the next thing.

I believe that when you stop striving for that next thing you stop really living.

You have to become the person that is able to attract success by having a millionaire mindset. You will only grow in success in proportion to how you grow as a person.

To keep myself motivated and inspired I practice several things every day to keep my millionaire mindset in top shape.

To stay in a state of high energy, which is required to achieve everything, my success habits are:

Being organised so that my day flows and I make the best use of the time available.

• A daily shot of vitamin juice

• Reading inspirational quotes and looking at the vision boards in my office

• Establishing an exercise routine - do things you love, not those you don’t

• Reading inspirational books and listening to CDs on an ongoing basis, in the car, hanging out the washing, on the tractor.

• Following my intuition and my heart ( great for share strategies)

• Meditating (learn to control your mind, thoughts and self-talk)

• Gratitude journaling - keeps you in high-energy state

• Repeating affirmations and visualisation

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