Meet Fiona

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Success is to wake up inspired everyday, spending your time doing the things you love with those you love. It's about being fulfilled and having meaning in your life, and helping other's to do the same.  That's success to me, and it is uniquely different to everyone.

Fiona Jones is the creator, founder & 9 times best-selling author of The Millionaire    Book series and founder of The Millionaire School.

Her mission is to inspire millions to be their own success story, by sharing extraordinary success stories and strategies to succeed in life.

She is also the founder of a boutique publishing company, Author Express.
Author Express helps people to share their message with the world through the written word.

It was her love of reading and passion for inspiring people that led her to create the first book with a vision to develop an inspirational series. Fiona has been a full time authorpreneur for the past 6 years.

During the time  she  interviewed and worked with over 100 successful entrepreneurs.

Through her Millionaire School she aims to share mindset and wealth creation strategies via her mentors and teachers, so other's can be the success they wish to achieve.

Fiona started her career in the medical world, working as an ultrasonographer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Throughout this rewarding career, Fiona invested in property, mostly in Sydney and on the Gold Coast.
Her first property renovation on a block of units in Sydney resulted in a phenomenal profit. She has a natural flair for property, and currently has several projects under development.

Fiona holds a Certificate IV in Real Estate, has had a successful offline business in the beauty industry and has honed her skills through attending seminars and reading extensively on mindset and investment strategies.

Some of Fiona’s mentors include Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr John Demartini and Shanti Gowans.

In her spare time, Fiona volunteers in a school banking role to support and encourage school children to start saving early. She believes anyone can achieve wealth simply by the habit of saving. She is also making plans to fulfill her dream of building a school in Bali with a huge collection of books. She loves to walk, swim, cycle, read and practice yoga.

Fiona currently lives on the Gold Coast in Australia on her 13 acre property, complete with a yoga retreat that she shares with her husband and two children, the local wildlife and menagerie of horses and farm animals