From 124kg And No Future... To A 15 Time

Ironman, Peak Performance Coach And Sought

After Health Consultant.


Discover John Gearon’s amazing health and wealth turnaround.


Plus discover how Brett Handreck beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even after conventional antibiotics failed him. And find out how he turned the lessons from his recovery into a thriving business empire.

healthAlso find out how Donna Ruschen turned her life around after a massive back injury caused her weight to spiral out of control. She regained her former fitness and is now teaching every-day Aussies to do the same.

And discover how Paul Brown turned his crumbling fitness centre into a business empire, teaching 120 million people how to become fit and stay fit.

In all 16 experts in health and fitness reveal the link between a healthy lifestyle and building wealth.

Their practical advice will show you how to live a longer, healthier and more energetic life. And how they used their new found health and fitness to springboard into wildly successful businesses.

Because in this new economy your health will be the one thing which separates you from your competitors. Your ability to work harder and think more clearly will set you apart.

Unlock the secrets behind their own incredible health and wellbeing. Discover their simple daily routines you can copy plus their practical, down to earth tips for better living.

And draw inspiration from how many of them dragged themselves from poor health into incredible shape, and how some of them generated millions of dollars along the way.

“Discover the Real Secret to Wealth – Health. You hold in your hands the success secrets of the best in the industry. Learn what they know about achieving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, and why millions are now discovering why their health really is their greatest wealth.”

In this book you will discover:

• How to have unlimited health, happiness and wellness

• How to achieve and maintain work life balance

• New discoveries that will motivate you for life

• How a healthy body and a healthy mind will allow you to achieve your life’s goals and dreams

• The secrets to experiencing real happiness

• Why our physical, emotional and spiritual health are the real keys to success

• How to create health and wealth in your life and business