Property Development- is there a best time?


Today I ask Jo Chivers of Property Bloom, who features in my Property Millionaire book when is the best time to develop property?

23-1013tm-cart-realestateIt’s important to understand the property cycle so you are aware of each stage and choose the right times to be buying. Obviously, you want to buy when the market is low, but the best thing about developing property is no matter what time in the cycle it is, you are creating your own equity and not relying on capital growth.

However, if you start a property development when the market is about to rise, it’s like a double whammy. By the time you have completed, you have created equity AND received some capital growth. [Read more...]

Which suburbs should I Invest in?

Dual Occupancy Before

The million-dollar question! What are you trying to achieve and in what time frame? If you are talking about finding an area that may anticipate some great capital growth, then I do the research; I look at the infrastructure and the zoning changes that are coming into place.

There are free resources available to everybody. For example, in southeast Queensland there is a regional plan that covers the development that the Government wants to encourage over the next 20+ years. So grab a copy and read through to find the areas in which the Government will be (or already are) spending significant money on infrastructure, and where industry is focusing. Also the Australian Bureau of Statistics also has some fantastic free resources as do alt of real estate listing sites, real estate company sites etc. You wont have to look too far to find gold! [Read more...]

Finding the best deals in Property

Steve McKnightgroup_photoThe best opportunities arise when you can find and exploit market inefficiencies.

Market inefficiencies exist where one party lacks the knowledge, skill, timing or financial resources of the other, and therefore has to accept a reduced price for the sake of completing the transaction.

It may not seem like it, but the property market is becoming more efficient. The way property is advertised for sale is an example that comes to mind. [Read more...]