What are some methods of Growing a Business?

Business ImageTeam up with people who are more intelligent than you; you can expect very slow growth if you surround yourself with people who are not as smart as you. You may ask, ‘How can I attract people who are smarter than me if I have limited resources or cannot yet pay them the high incomes their skills demand?’

The answer is very simple: show interest in them and become a good listener. If you would like to attract highly skilled people to your team show interest in them and learn to think and relate the things you would like them to do in the form of benefits for them; for example, if I wanted the expert on a particular subject to write and develop a course for my company I would talk to them about benefits such as the extra publicity they would get from writing such a course. People love to be praised so I would also let the person know that we had researched and found that they were by far the most qualified person to make the course.

If someone is highly skilled in an area that can potentially grow your business and you cannot afford to pay them, why not offer them a partnership of some kind. Many highly skilled people are still trading time for money and have no real assets, so you could convince them to forgo short-term gain by potentially having part-ownership in a valuable business. Another way to grow your business rapidly is to identify or develop and promote a point of difference that your business has over the competition. Our point of difference is the ‘hands on’ aspect of our training so, rather than being told how to do things, we teach our clients by having them actually doing it so that they walk out having achieved something rather than just learning how it is done. For example, they don’t just learn to build a website they physically build one of their own in the day or, instead of just learning sales techniques, they develop and practice their very own authentic sales process in a day.

Our other point of difference is each of our hands-on courses is completed in a day rather than over weeks or months. Find and develop your businesses point of difference; it only needs to be a slight improvement on what others in your industry are doing; you do not have to reinvent the wheel.


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