Are you stuck in the 9-5 grind? Ever dreamed of having your own business?

Imagine being able to work the hours you want, from where you want with whom you want? What if you never had to suffer ‘Mondayitis’ again?

What if by making a decision to design your business around your lifestyle instead of your life around your job, your life immediately started looking like the one you’ve always dreamed of. Would you jump in feet first?

bm-profile-andrew_gideonAndrew Gideon did.  Six months short of receiving $60k in long service, he walked away from a $250,000 a year job to launch his then part time business in an industry he had no experience in.



bm-profile-steven-dixonSteve Dixon resigned from a job with a life savings of $500 in his pocket and a fire in his belly, with no idea what he was going to do next. Find out how he bought a few second hand sewing machines in Fiji and today owns an international clothing manufacturing business.

Plus you’ll find out why it’s never too late to change your life.


bm-profile-rob-thompsonRob Thompson was addicted to drugs and alcohol. With his then girlfriend falling pregnant he settled down into a job that paid $28k per year. During his eight years on the job he built a property portfolio using the knowledge gained from reading books from the library. He now dedicates his life to inspiring and empowering others through teaching proven strategies and techniques.


And you’ll learn how one couple with no internet experience (actually they only knew how to download their emails), earnt $US250,000 online in their first year and stopped trading their time for money.

If you want to transform your work life, Business Millionaire will teach you:

How to take the leap from JOB to business owner

How to launch your business from scratch

How to turn your idea into a money making business

How to get paid to do what you love

How to earn passive income while you holiday