010 Lessons I’ve learnt from Dr John Demartini


JD   Dr John Demartini is a world leading inspirational speaker and author in the personal and professional development area. He has been a mentor for me in many ways and I had the privilege of interviewing him one on one for my Millionaire School millionaire mindset series.  You may have seen him on the movie The Secret. He is an extraordinary man who devotes his entire life to travelling over 360 days of the year doing what he loves.

What is even more extraordinary is that he was told at a very young age that he would not amount to much, and was learning disabled. He didn't learn to read until he was 17 years old. He has now read 30,000 books and texts in the areas of philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and theology, and has authored 40 books.

Nothing is missing in your life it is in a different form that you may not recognize.  Whether you feel you are lacking in a relationship, wealth or When you can recognise the form that it already exists and appreciate it- you then have the ability to transform it.

Values- Everyone lives by a set of values- the things that are most important to them and those that are the least important.The hierarchy of your values. As you grow and mature these values will change. Whatever we believe to be most missing ( VOID) in our life becomes our highest priority or highest value- the most valuable to you. You will always spend your time, effort, energy and money on the things that are most valuable to you. People when asked often list the things they think society says they should value, rather than what is actually most valuable to them. If you are living someone else's values, you will remain unfulfilled.

When you know what your values are it is easier to find your purpose because you have clarity around what is truly most important to you.

The Demartini Value Determination Process can be found on his website.

Basically you write the top 3 answers to these questions;

How do you fill your space?
How do you spend your time?
How do you spend your energy?
How do you spend your money?
Where are you most organised?
Where are you most disciplined?
What do you think about?
What do you visualise?
What do you talk to yourself about?
What do you talk to other people about?
What inspires you?
What are your goals?- There is a direct correlation between your goals and what is most important to you.


The $5 million dollar question- what would you do with $5million dollars?

There are no mistakes- absolutely everything that happens to you is their to put you on your path to your purpose. Some people find their purpose really early on while others go through life without finding it.  The challenges that you face and go through are guiding you toward your purpose.To live a meaningful and fulfilling life you need to be on purpose. Somewhere inside of you, you already know what you would love to spend your time doing. Often you just don't let yourself see it so you block that information


Love- we become wise when we know that love is the answer to all questions.


009 Successful v’s Unsuccessful People


greenredThis podcast is a summary of an infographic that I have seen repeatedly circulating on social media lately. Its a great list of the different actions that people take and reflect the main difference between successful people and those that are not achieving the success may desire.

There are many things that you could add to this list but this is a great starting point to begin a conversation and possibly look at where you are on the traits if each.

008 Do Successful People Feel Fear?


FearJC  I love this quote by Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. I could not agree more with this quote.

I have a quote of my own that says, on the other side of fear is all of the freedom and fulfilment you want.

After interviewing many many successful people, I have learnt something about fear. The first theing is every human being feels it. When you doing something new it is absolutely normal to feel fear, in fact it is part of our survival mechanism. What successful people do though is they do not let fear stop them. Most people are not willing to do the thing they need to do due to fear.

Excuses that you hear from people as to why they haven't done something are just a form of fear. Behind every excuse is FEAR.

I look at everything in life quite simply. It is either love or fear. When you do things from love your changes. When you live your life based on fears and all their forms you do not achieve the life you want.

An example is when someone has a dream to write a book, but then they list all of the reasons and excuses why they cannot possibly do it. These excuses are all fears. Fear of failing, fear no one will want to read it, fear of trying something new, fear it may be successful, fear of rejection, fear of sharing your story, fear of not having enough time, fear you are not an expert.

When you don't know what the next exact step is that you need to take when starting something new, whether it is writing a book, losing weight, starting a new exercise, wanting to start a business or ask someone on a date.

"If it's important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse."

A New York Times study did a study earlier this year and what they found was that 81% of people surveyed said they wanted to be a published author- yet only a very small percentage of people ever make this happen. Perhaps FEAR is what is holding them back?

Listen to the episode titled Lesson I have learnt from Dr Wayne Dyer to hear how he overcame his fears of leaving a highly secure job to become a fiscal millionaire and best-selling author of over 40 books!



007 Interview with Fiona Jones by Inspire Talk on Becoming a Published Author


In this podcast episode the tables are turned as Fiona is interviewed on InspireTalk by Federico Re and Stuart Harris. The topic of conversation is the inspiration for the Millionaire Books and how anyone can share their message and become a published author. Fiona shares the 5 steps you need in order to  take your message and turn it into a published book.

006 If I had a Million Dollars I would be Happy


HappinesssucessYou have to choose happiness- Happiness is a HABIT and not something that comes to you once you make a Million dollars. So which one comes first success or happiness?

How many times have you heard anyone, or perhaps even yourself say, "I just want to be happy!"

Have you ever thought, when I win or get the million dollar house, or the car, or the promotion or the home, , lose the weight, or when I am successful, then  I will be happy.

In his book The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness, author Shawn Achor says we need to REVERSE  our  conventional  formula of work harder to get more success and then we will be happier. He states that 90% of long term happiness is not about the external things. The good news is that the greater your happiness the greater your success. Happiness actually fuels success, and needs to come first.

Happiness is an inside job and like anything else we work on in our life, is something we need to do. I am a huge believer in the small things we do daily are the source of our success. So its a matter of training your brain, just like you would train for a marathon, or exercise your muscles. So how can you train your brain to be happier?

Nearly everything we do is because we want to be happier- so why don't we just get happy first?

  • Stop Comparing Yourself with Others
  • Stop thinking when I get this or that I will be happier
  • Plant Happy Seeds by training (focussing) your brain to be positive;
  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day
  2. For 21 days spend 2 minutes journaling about a positive experience that day, it doubles the emotion experienced that day by reliving it as
  3. For  21 days send a positive email to someone, thanking or praising them
  4. Stop for 2 minutes a day and do nothing but focussing on your breath
  5. Invest in your social circle so you have support when needed, social connection is a really important factor in your happiness
  6. Exercise for 15 min a day- it's equivalent to an anti-depressant a day
  7. To Change a habit start with just doing something for 20 seconds - that's what Shawn calls your activation energy and it beats using WILL power- that actually drains you and does the opposite of happiness.

I often notice that Facebook posts can be a lot like glossy magazines- and only show the shiny side  of someone's story. when you remember that everyone goes through a balance of happy and sad and this is actually a normal part of life. How you look at things can also have a huge impact on how you react to news.

When he interviewed Oprah they both discussed how they had suffered depression in their life. Oprah despite her billions still felt depressed at the height of her career.

Be Happy- start today- one step- no need to change a million things at once.

005 Millionaire Mindset- The Most Powerful 5 Minutes of Your Day!


YOuWhy are some people successful yet others seem to fail?  Why do some heal from an incurable disease and others don't?
You may know what to do to achieve what you want- but you seem to be procrastinating, or you feel resistance. There may be a reason in your brain why this is, and they may be unconscious so you are not actually aware that you may be the only person stopping your own success. We need to be aware of our own mind viruses.

Successful people have known for years that the secret to their success rests with their mindset.

Taking time to learn how to understand how your mind works, and to develop your millionaire mindset can be the best investment you can ever make.

When starting out everyone basically has the same resources available, which are usually very limited. After interviewing over 100 successful people for my book series the one common thread that possessed by people who have achieved success is their mindset.
Their  mindset can be developed by reading books, listening to audios, having a mentor or coach, real life experiences and self help and spiritual practices. Many attribute meditation to be able to silence the mind to stop the negative self chatter in order to control or program their mind, and connect with all of the information that is available to all of us if we learn to tap into it.

One book I like to read each year is 'The Power of your Subconscious Mind"- By Joseph Murray- it's one of the most powerful self-help guides ever. It was given to me by a lovely man who was successful in business and he told me that the principles in the book were responsible for that success. It was one of the greatest gifts I have been given.

There are basically 2 functional parts to your mind. The conscious mind and the subconscious (or habitual) mind. The conscious mind is the decision making part, what books will you read, where will you live and who your partner will be. Your subconscious minds is the part that keeps your heart beating, makes a baby, breathes you, digests your food and circulates the blood around your body without you having to think about this.

If your conscious mind says, I can't afford it, then the subconscious just accepts this as true, and will ensure you cant afford it (car, house or holiday).

Do you know the most powerful time of the day to program your subconscious mind? And it only takes 5 minutes a day.

One of the biggest learnings in this book, is the idea that you need to make the commands to your subconscious mind just before you sleep, and just after you wake. While you sleep your subconscious goes  about the business of bringing your thoughts and what you are imagining into reality. The biggest thing to know here is that your subconscious brain does not know the difference between something that is 'real' to something 'imagined'- it just accepts the images you give it.

The downside of this is it will also bring to you what you don't want if that if what you are focussing on. So to bring what you want from your imagination to realisation you need to visualise what you want, not what you don't want, as if you already have achieved that desire, just before you go to sleep. This is also the best time to do affirmations and also I AM statements (see my podcast on Lessons learned from Dr Wayne Dyer). This time when your mind is in a sleep state stops the conflict between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Put simply you don't get what you want, you get the picture you impress upon your mind and the emotion you feel. So if you want to write a book or give a great talk to an audience feel the feelings of doing this and convey it to your subconscious mind and let it go about the business of responding to your wish.

The power is already within  you. you don't have to acquire it, but you do need to learn how to use it to bring success into all areas of your life. Do not say things such as:

I can't afford it, I'm to busy, I'm too old, I'm not smart enough or I am sick, instead believe in your subconscious mind to bring you prosperity and perfect health by changing your thoughts.

The good news is you can retrain your brain by investing 5 min a day to do it.

This podcast episode is a sharing of the some of the lessons I have learned from Joseph Murphy.




004 Make Millions From Your Message


Blank BillboardEveryone has a message inside of them, something unique to share with the world.

"When you find your message you find your millions"- Benjamin J Harvey

What you need to decide is firstly what message would like you to share and then what method you would like to utilise to share it.

Do you want to share your message with a few face to face or millions via the internet.

Perhaps its retreats, podcasts, books, video, workshops, online programs or seminars that you wish to use as a platform to share your message.

The most important things is to choose one and get started today. After all the world is waiting to hear from you.


003 Lessons I’ve learnt from Dr Wayne Dyer


Wayne DyerDr Wayne Dyer was a mentor to millions. He was loved by millions and inspired millions to be the best versions of themselves. Dr Dyer was a teacher, mentor, author and will be missed by millions.

The world was shocked at his recent passing on the 30th August 2015. However to Wayne there are no accidents.

He leaves a legacy as an author of over 40 books.

You can explore his books and his incredible work on his website.

As one of my Millionaire Mentors for the past 7+ years I thought I would share some of the gold nuggets I  have learnt from this incredible man.

  • When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous. ( How may I serve?)
  • What comes out of you when you are squeezed is what is inside of you.
  • Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.
  • If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  • You are not a body with a soul you are a soul with a body
  • You attract what you are not what you want.
  • Facing your fears can change your life
  • The power of the words I AM...

Dr Wayne Dyer became a fiscal millionaire after he faced his fears and moved in the direction of his dreams to become a published author.

Imagine if despite your fears you could move in the direction of your dreams.

001 Where I Got The Millionaire Idea


get-7We are here to follow our passions and live a life of purpose and meaning.
Sometimes this may be forced upon you by reasons you may understand at the time.
In life our choices and decisions shape the life we live, We can choose how we decide to look at things that happen to us.

In this episode Fiona shares why she started The Millionaire book series at a time when she could have given up on her goals and dreams.

She answers the most common question she gets asks about being a published author.




002 What is Success to You?


SuccessIn this episode your host and author of The Millionaire Book series speaks on what it means to have success.
The Millionaire School podcast is bringing a dose of inspiration to you - on the go!

Is your definition of success all about having a lot of money?

You need to have your own definition of what success is- this will change and evolve over time.

I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life.
You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles. – Zig Ziglar